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Circuit Racer - 'High Adrenaline Rush'

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After our popular Circuit Racer 3D, we just released Circuit Racer2 3D and it is now available for download. Have more fun with your choice of buggy car - Race & Chase mode with other AI (Artificial Intelligent) buggies. Custom select the desired laps and watch Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2D Map of complete race track while racing in 3D environment. Six different cameras views, Rain or Shine sky mode with custom wheel, throttle and sound controls. Override with your own custom iPod music during race play. Cool Huh!

This high voltage racing game is a fun learning tool for both kids and teenagers. Find out what the excitement is all about!

Thrilling, but also educational, this is a high voltage racing car game and fun learning tool for both kids and teenagers. Breaking, turning, learning optimal speed while avoiding sliding and spinning, or sharp, wide, or blind turning, learn the physics of driving and staying safe behind the wheel.

Features include the camera button that allows you to change the inside and outside views including sky view and four more views while driving, car color selector, sound and music controls, accelerator, steering, breaking, and reverse throttle controls to give you full control of your driving and racing experience. Enjoy cloudy blue sky or drizzling scenic rainy day dynamically during game play by touching the sunny cloud icon. Also watch your speed in digital way.

With beautiful race track, curved and divided roads, and tunnel bridge, you're sure to want to take this baby for a spin and a half.

Key features:

✓ Beautiful 3D graphics of unique race track & cars
✓ Challenge AI opponents (CR2)
✓ Drizzling rain or day mode
✓ Custom choice of Steering, Stick, or Motion control for wheel and throttle
✓ Picture-in-Picture(PIP) 2D overview track map (CR2)
✓ Choose from 3 fun game modes Race & Chase(CR2), Countdown & Timer
✓ 6 views (Inside/Outside & Sky views)
✓ 10 different colors of buggies - choose your own favorite color
✓ Unique and absorbing music tracks plus SFX/sound controls
✓ Uplifting music for theme, countdown and timer mode or choose your own music from iPod music library
✓ Amazingly small footprint of binary size for a quality 3D racing game and no need of in-app purchase
✓ Addictive game play

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Featured as New & Noteworthy as well as popular iTunes Car Racing App

"Nice gameplay with amazing graphic design and cute controls. Good job !! by
by kantijamy (United States)"

"A great way to relax and recharge at the end of the day"

"I loved it....enjoyed a lot playing a game with astonishing music....going to dissolve other racing apps"

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