Ring Toss 3D

Ring Toss 3D

Ring Toss 3D - 'Focus Your Brain'

Put your brain to use with this strategic spin puzzle!

Now you can enjoy the same classic gaming experience on your Smartphone or tablet device!

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Ring Toss or Throw over bottles/cylinders addictive strategy touch arcade or carnival 3d fun game in amazing look and feel-four different room settings. Improve your concentration, strategic skills, and mental sharpness as you explore the advanced game physics over time!

Remember the old-time ring-toss games at carnivals and arcades – where you’d throw a ring at an array of bottles to win fun prizes.

Now you can enjoy the same classic gaming experience on your Smartphone or tablet device!

The addictive Ring Master Toss/Throw 3D game uses some of the best available games physics to deliver multiple levels of fun – with four unique room settings, five music themes, and three customizable target grid matrix settings: 4x4, 5x4,or 6x4.

Key features:

✓ Follow the Camera ring toss feature (optional) lets you choose shorter or longer views of the game room angle.

✓ Change the music theme dynamically, or turn off audio completely.

✓ Dynamic game physics, with sliding, sloping, circling, bouncing off the side wall, etc.

✓ Four cool room settings to suit your taste:

1 - Awesome Rustic Metallic Shed

2 - Private Party Hall

3 - Watch out! Slippery Mosaic Pool Room

4 - Aesthetic Modern Murals Textures Game Room

✓ Choose a target grid that matches your comfort level (6 x 4, 5 x 4, 4 x 4).

✓ Five music background scores to suit your taste. Change the score dynamically during game play: Carnival/Arcade, Inferno, Soft Rock/Pop, etc.

✓ Top Score Retained.

✓ Customizable background sounds – turn on/off applause (clapping) and laughter.

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"Really addictive game! I can throw it as I used to in my childhood. Love this app"

"Metal shed is so cool) Great design and action settings, nice way to spend your time." by John S. Roth (United States)"

"This is a great game and I can't put it down. I hope you will make more apps like this one"

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