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Word Teaser Pro - 'Feel your brain in high gear'

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Word-Teaser is a fun and compelling game for all ages.
More than just entertainment, it’s designed to improve visual acuity and pattern recognition skills critical for speed reading and scanning, which in turn are essential for academic and career success.

Feel your brain in high gear! Word-Teaser tests your skills against timed challenges. Each challenge requires you to find words hidden in an animated background. The words can be displayed in their regular form, or with letters reversed, jumbled, truncated, or replaced with other symbols.
For each challenge, you can choose the number of words and set the difficulty level. Word-Teaser is designed to extend your visual and cognitive processing speed in gradual, easy steps.

Words-Teaser’s most exciting feature lets you create your own custom word-lists and play challenges based on your favorite topics – for example, animals, flowers, or science – or any other topics you can imagine.
Word teaser is great for students who want to learn words in a specific subject. There’s also a leader-board that you can share on Facebook, to add a competitive dimension to the fun and keep things interesting.
Players hone their vocabulary and spelling skills, while learning to focus and concentrate for long periods, making Word-Teaser popular among parents.

Words-Teaser comes in three flavors – Lite (free), Regular, and Pro.
Although many great features are available in all versions, custom word-lists and multiple-user functionality are offered only in Regular and Pro versions. Three other advanced features are offered only in the Pro version: ASCII letter-replacement, timer, and leader-board sharing.

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"Good for learning the language or simply improving vocab and spelling skills. good for all ages. it is a word game but haven't seen anything similar to that one. thanks"

"This is a very useful education app, nice graphics and well done design, all these factors make this app great"

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